Anyone getting bad Lag spikes?

I just got spectrum internet yesterday so I don’t know if it’s just me or is everyone else getting me bad lag spikes where the games freezes and it speeds up. I hope I didn’t make a mistake changing my internet because it’s really hard to play with this

I been getting bad lags on MTU all day

ive been getting some bad lag spikes on tto

Lag is bad today. I know because I’ve been getting horrible animations trying to hesi cance with KD. That happens whenever there’s bad lag.

Big update is probably happening in the background on the 2k servers.

i think so? shot timing has been all over the place from game to game, this evening.

game is the free july game of the month, its about to lag until 2k21lol

I feel it today. I keep getting the waiting to resume connection message when I havent seen it in months. I use Spectrum as well.

I cant really move on defense like I normally do and a lot of the dribbling is weird and delayed.

Had this problem last night

I hope you right and it’s token update