Anyone getting 2 stars for HOF wins in mystery domination?

This happening for any of you? I’m grinding for Mel Daniels and 3 times now I’ve played and won on HOF and yet it only gives 2 out of 3 stars. Is there something I’m missing? I only play them on HOF and haven’t lost any of the games. I also make sure I choose HOF after it happened the first time.

It’s about the ammount of MT you earn each game!

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As with so many of 2k modes, it’s not about just winning. You have to accumulate a bunch of random stats to get 3 stars. I believe it’s 875 mt for HOF difficulty. So free throws, 3 pters, assists, dunks, blocks, steals, rebounds, defensive stops all contribute. I once won a game by 20 pts and almost didn’t get 3 stars because I was just driving the lane for unassisted layups the whole game.

Ok got it. I’ve been grinding agendas with one or two players that’s why I wasn’t getting enough. Thanks for the explanation.

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