Anyone get GO Ray Ray yet?

If so how is he?

He’s money

He is ridiculous

Almost all shooting badges on hall of fame or gold, and a 99 3 ball (with coach or shoe or what have you) with a great release??!?? Amazing!

Sounds like it. Thanks


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He has a 99 3 out the gate lol

Don’t lock him lol 6’8-6’9 SG’s will come


Really debating locking him!

Amy Ray Allen (with Ruby Lebron dynamic duo) gets 5 HOF badges and a 99 3PT, they’ll run you about 25k MT together lol


Previously his GO was released much later, so it is good that he’s out early on. My concern is that he’s only 6’5

Hof clamps helps a lot. I just want to see how his release is with hof quick draw.

Anyone know how his handles are? If he can create his own shot it’s a wrap. There aren’t many monsters at the 2. If you’re good at on ball defense on the perimeter then it’s hard to back down some one with HOF clamps.

DBG has a video up, but he doesn’t dribble much. Shot looks amazing. I’m always such a sucker to lock in for shooters haha.

I locked Klay and I wish I didn’t, I don’t wanna make the same mistake


Me too. Just need to sell one of the 4 primes I have to make it more difficult to lock. There’s a ton Of Wilts And Duncan’s up now. Might have to wait a little.

I have an extra one of the whole set, 2 Tim’s, no roses.

They made it easy to not lock releasing tmac and Yao.


Can somebody convince me to do it? I know I won’t care if I don’t use him. I just already have Mcgrady, Lavine, Klay and now Yao which can swap Wilt or TD.

Brandon Roy