Anyone get a load error on switch?

Constantly getting an error on trying to load

Error Message: The Software Was Closed Because An Error Occurred

Happened once the other night while I was in a game. Now it’s happening every time I try to load the game

Gone through all trouble shooting except for deleting and reinstalling. That’ll lose all my progress right?

Anyone had this?

Anyone get a switch ?

Managed to solve it. Had to redownload which took forever. Progress is still there so all good

I’ve been having the same problem for like 3-4 weeks. So you can confirm that if I do ‘Delete Software’ I’ll still be able redownload and to log-in to 2k account and have all my players/boosts/etc? I’m new to gaming consoles and don’t wanna lose my MyPlayer lol

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I didn’t delete but after I did the check for errors it gives the option to re-download so I did that and it worked and kept everything