Anyone found a good path to agendas

I know there’s not enough for curry yet but has anyone found an efficient path to maximize this agenda stuff without doing way to much.

no you have to do a lot for curry so you have to be willing to put in a lot of time


Nope. I’d imagine by the end of the season that even if you bought every player required to do the challenges and sold them back immediately, Curry will probably cost you near 200k in tax. That AND a shitload of time and effort

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Again my honest opinion is to go at the challenges casually. 2k has a love for their auction house so some good xp challenges will have those players needed but also look at the consistency of the challenges and how the xp is scaling up. I see a double xp event weekend and more challenges closer to when 30 days is up to help those that are far behind. So going for every little 150 xp challenge even if its possible but hard as hell is pointless in the long run I swear to you so do what you can


My best strategy is to knock out two or three agenda goals while playing any mode. The goal is always to win but if I can’t get ~750 xp for playing a game I already planned to then I’ll do it. Much more efficient than going after difficult 150 xp agendas.

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Curry will be equivalent to Jason Richardson from 2k20. Not worth the time/effort but good luck to those that do

Exactly I just did the spotlight challenge on pro and legit competed 5 challenges while also winning. I was not focused on hakeem or kenny smith and they have a trash supporting cast so its just about being efficient

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nah they brought dom evos back so I would say all of that again is a waste of time. Those evos and whatever will not be used later. This curry will be possible. No one was trying to force those free throws with bob mcadoo lol

I agree. 2k has a way of making the reward cards obsolete quickly. They gotta get the money from the packs. I just want a curry without cold spots on the 3. That’s partially why I stack agendas and go about my normal play. I’ll probably get him but it’s not because I’m chasing him. Some of the xp just falls into my lap lol.