Anyone feels like Magic is meh with steals?

Can barely generate any on ball steals, somewhat. Then i switch to Hill and its strip city, not like Hill got HoF pick pocket or something, weird.


To add that, i have shoe that boosts steals on Magic

He averages 4 steals per game with me. As soon as other PG is tired, square is automatic steal

He used to be a monster now not so much


On TTO I can get steals with him but in MTU there are way less. In MTU he does get some for me when i’m controlling the big on the screens.

In Domination, I got a Triple double wtih him with steals.

But in P2P, not too much, but I don’t go for steals that much

He’s meh for a PD stealing for me. But I’m okay with it because he contests all day long and sometimes blocks with a hand up, grab the ball, and then fast breaks by himself.

I get hella steals with him

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Magic is a strip machine for me… Try to use the right stick, I had much more success than using square.

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He was good for me when I had him, steals-wise. I wouldn’t say he stood out for it or anything though. MJ and Pip get more steals for me than Magic did. Now, if the GO rips people like the one from Dom did…

Please don’t mention opal magic. I still get nightmares


Against traditional pg i dont attempt steals and just guard. Against hedo, he steals 9/10. I rather attempt a steal against hedo then let him dribble and shoot

Magic,Hill,Ak47,Iggy all steal machines for me.

Meanwhile his Opal steals the ball by just lookin at it in alltime dom.

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His fancy passes don’t connect

You are right for sure…players that I noticed get the strip animation consistently Iggy, MJ, Pippen, Baron Davis, Geoff Petrie, Nurkic and that’s players I’ve used real quick off the top of my head.

Add Iverson and Rondo.

Some players that disappoint in that department are Manu, Magic, Big O, Havlicheck.

Magic solid at stealing if you use right stick instead of button

No he isn’t…he is mediocre compared to the players I just mentioned.

Solid does not mean great or the best but he’s averaging close to 2spg for me

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