Anyone familiar with PC prices?

Just recently started playing on PC and picked up a 98 Heat Lebron for around 10K. I know everything is ridiculously cheap on PC but was that a snipe?



Lol prices are crazy cheap on PC compared to PS4. I think because there’s a ton of hackers the market is flooded with good cards so everything sells for rock bottom prices.

Basically: anything that dropped with enough volume in packs was pulled a gajillion times and a limited population means that supply can very easily oversaturate demand.

People were able to farm VC like crazy, earlier in the year, and MT is dirt, dirt cheap.

So the only stuff that is expensive are cards that are very rare and which are outnumbered by the paltry population, pushed super-high in price not just because of rarity, but also because of the MT/VC inflation on PC that comes with VC/MT farming.

It’s insanely cheap to build a god squad, but insanely expensive to build the absolute best possible squad.


Yeah the Moments cards are really cheap especially late at night. Wasn’t sure about the 98 Lebron though since technically I think he’s still pullable in the Draft Day Packs. PC is definitely the way to go if you just wanna have fun until 2K19 drops and don’t care about losing to cheaters.

Problem for me, on West Coast, is that you just cannot find games, period. I used to routinely wait for 15-30 minutes without a match. There were times I searched for an hour, with nothing. If I matched with someone, it was usually one of about 6 guys.

For the entire West Coast. It was mind-boggling.

Damn I’m on the West Coast too. It’s too bad that 2K doesn’t allow you to change servers like some other multiplayer games. Should maybe make a thread for all PC players that are looking for friendlies.

You could use a VPN, but the lag is bad even trying to use a Midwest server. East Coast was definitely not worth it.

I guess if I have trouble finding online games I can still test out a bunch of different super squads in Domination. Lol I definitely plan on picking up every cheap PD and Diamond that I can find!

If you don’t play online then I would say to definitely go with the PC version.

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They do, but usually a couple or few weeks later.

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They most definitely use ‘BOTS’ to farm VC.
I’m not sure how they’d be able to hack online servers/accounts to unlock players, juice up currency (MT or VC).
If anyone knows how to do all of the above PLEASE let me know & drop me a PM.
I’d luv to be able to unlock those locker code players that I miss 95% of the time. Fck 2k & the gimmicks!
& yeah if you’re into offline modding sh
t like creating players, cyber-faces, portraits, staff, etc go with PC.

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That wouldn’t surprise me.
That card was going for about $60 when those packs first dropped; however I got the diamond 97 4 that price to use for those challenges b4 selling again at 20K.
On the other hand PD Bird, Magic or MJ r either not available or priced to the max like 10M or something f*cked like that.

60K not $60. My bad. LOL.

@Ricky_Blaze 98 LBJ for 10k is definitely a snipe, he is around 100k I think.

@HarryLundt I don’t have your problem, I can easily found matchup in supermax, but the problem is 95% of they are using sub glitch, that’s why I stopped playing SM snice ruby Adimiral, I started again because of PD Vince, but it’s just impossible…

@julsa01 Every story about farming I heard are the same, it’s about Chinese bots that are farming only VC, buying packs with it and making MT later through selling cards on AH. You can find those bots names on steam like 10+ digit numbers, crazy, I just don’t get it how they make them and how those bots work…

You seem European? If so, European region is probably most populated for 2K.

USA East is okay. West is dead.

Guess you’re right about European region…