Anyone excited about skip to my lou (rafer alston)?

he should be out these 2 days depends on whether we get packs first or challenges first
i dont think he will get in built clamps but at least let us upgrade it
also his dribble sigs better be godly

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Not really. Can’t imagine he will be usable online.
Defense is very important to me and he will be lacking most likely.

A simple algorithm to this:
IF > Good card > packs
IF > Trash card > obtainable free card


Since i play alot of TTO, i’m looking forward to getting saucy with him.

Blake, Curry, Jaylen, Pierce, Birdsong, Tyreke, Mullins, Aldridge and so on. So not sure if serious.

He is Kyrie clone in rosters. Probably will have some HOF playmaking badges like QFS, Ankle Breaker, Handles


mike miller and mobley as well!

blake and curry are not really what i would call free cards though hubie


Those aren’t obtainable by everyone… you gotta be a very good player for those unlimited cards (maybe not aldridge since you don’t need a lot of wins for him) and for blake and curry you have to have a stack of mt for losing when reselling players so they aren’t the definition of anything free


Don’t forget that You have to play for like 5 hrs a day for 25 or more days straight…


Yeah the season xp cards aren’t really free reward cards


fyi, in reg rosters, he’s a kyrie clone


Tbh I’d rather do that then lose all of my nerves and hair trying to get the unlimited rewards pierce and ewing lol
But yeah blake and curry are not by any means free.
Not to mention that if you started a couple of days late there’s also a chance you might not be able to get them


I mean you’re not wrong too. Even so Bill Russell is dog so there plenty hope Skip is decent to good.

I play about 100+ unlimited games a season so these rewards come naturally :smile:

Yeah I just want from this guy that he can play solid defense and shoot the 3, but have all that built in him and not make me upgrade a reward card. He is a diamond after all, didn’t expect from these rubies to be good or anything but at least they can make him a decent card.
I admire anyone that can stand that mode… it’s so bugged I just can’t do it at all, and I don’t see myself as a trash player.

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lowry is a real outliner lmao
i just hope skip can be as good
season 1 ruby rewards with clamps, range, quick first step, curry slide
no need for a badge upgrade at all


He probably won’t have good shooting and dunking. Just gonna be a good dribbler.

But rafer was a great shooter and a pretty good dunker too

I dont really expect his card to be as good as xp Curry but Alston should at least be as good as AI in tto