Anyone ever play GT: Depost on Xbox?

Probably the least fun I’ve had playing the game which I quit in the third quarter and I never quit. Cheesed like I never saw before. Kept launching 3’s with Turkoglu and could not miss at all. Probably had close to 42 points.

Anyone else play him? His profile says he’s Verified, not sure if that means he’s a big deal or anything

Yeah ive played him once and won. I remember the verified profile too lol. I sent him a message cause he tried out cheesin me ha

That was such a cringeworthy game damn, mostly because I’m used to some cheese, but not all of it at once. He was running some hybrid zone that would randomly turn into double teams. And then on offense, I have no idea how Turkoglu was sinking everything, even with a contest. I get his release is nice and everything but still.

Its because contesting base 11 releases is broken. Kiki, granger, hedo, AK, gugs all have that type of release

The zone was probably him full court pressing or tight pressure and then show a double team and then running back to his guy or switching to a big to play free safety. Maybe im wrong but i know what you mean im pretty sure. It can be be frustrating for sure

Also I know I’m in the minority, but I play the game using broadcast cam. And I hate when I’m bringing the ball up the court (he wasn’t doing full court press), and he would just sprint one of his guys at me, spamming the steal button I assume, and would just collide with me and knock the ball loose. Sometimes a foul is called if I’m holding LT, but still.

like wtf is that?

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Yeah he wasn’t running full court press, but was definitely faking a lot of double teams, and just off balling with his big. I’ve never played the tourney but if this is stuff that shows up there, glad I don’t lol.

Yeah that charging / lunging steal shit is stupid. Just gotta make him pay when he does it to keep em honest ya know. Still ridiculous its a thing that works haha

Idk how you play on broadcast :joy:

Yeah I’ve never switched off broadcast. I’ve always been one of those guys that loves playing the game like how I watch a real game on tv. And I get it puts me at a disadvantage, but whatever. And what of those disadvantages is I can’t see the charging lunging steal coming lol

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Yeah i feel like ive seen it all. That zone shit can be really good to frustrate people that havent seen it a lot but once you get used to it, you can really punish those players.

Sometimes ill do it to throw them out of rhythm or give em a different look but otherwise i try not to do it much at all

Not to bump a 3 week old thread but I just played this clown, first he messaged me saying “please quit, 11-0 for hakeem” while he had Hakeem on the floor…

He shot 3s with Granger all game then Turkoglu off the bench lol, his Granger dropped 42 on 11/34 shooting. I won by 30 but this game is broken. I looked at the replays after the game and base 11 gets the shot up before your players can even react, I had to put Wilt on Granger and Mutombo on Turkoglu to even get contests lol.

I cringe every time I see Turkoglu in the lineups on the loading screen. Sometimes they surprise me and actually don’t cheese with him and just use him as a normal SF. But those instances are becoming more and more rare. Bottomline, fuck the Turk users and those who exploit the base 11 shooting in general.

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Now I’m sorry if anyone disagrees with me, but messaging someone “please quit, 11-0 for hakeem” while already having Hakeem is probably the scummiest thing from another person in the gaming community.

The whole thing was stupid, we were 3 minutes into the 1st he had scored with Hakeem already so I knew he was on the floor, he called TO and messaged me that BS.

Once he realized I wasn’t quitting the Granger shit started lol