Anyone ever bought a historic player over 50k?

im questioning why people are putting sapphire and ruby historic players up for so much, they always expire with no buyers lol


Some of them go for alot, like sapphire Wesley Matthews he’s going for like 50 to 100k Mt on xbox. Same with sapphire enes Kanter :slight_smile:

I paid 100k for a terry porter. 100k for battier, I could go on, some raised in price, some lowered. I had LA since he dropped so I’m not that mad about it. I’ve flipped countless historics for a profit though. And sold countless above 50k at this point.

thats wild. im being patient waiting for another signature legend so everything historic plummets.

Cause some Historics are rare plus nobody buying Throwback Packs lol

Sapphire Wes Matthews
Sapphire Robert Harry
Sapphire Jeff Teague
Sapphire Rudy Gay

are rare Sapphire that will get you Mt to name a few

Well Saph Horry is not worth anything now since Lakers pack but he was pretty rare, also Saph Derek Harper, Shane Battier, Robert Pack, Wes Matthews, Avery Johnson and Kanter are worth some MT, you just gotta wait for someone whose trying to complete historics (I’ve been flipping some on XB1 and got no problem to sell them back)

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I grabbed a Wesley Matthews for 20k like a month ago put him up and resold him for 280k. Certain cards are super rare. Ruby Jalen rose is another super rare card goes for 100k+

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ive been flipping historics for the past couple months. mostly cuz i was chasing dirk. but the prices flucuate a lot. ive made crazy money off ibaka and jordan alllll year

I pulled ruby Pau, used him for a bit and the sold for about 35-40k. About a month later or so the all star packs came out and all the prices went down. Saw him going for 4k or smth. If you invest during those times that their prices are down, you could make serious MT. Also, some people throw cards up there for really cheap. So keep your eyes open for cheap rare ones!