Anyone else switching to park full time this year?

Anyone else switching to park full time this year?

6’10 slasher sizzle reel If your on PS4 I’ll run it up
In park with you I’ll
Have a 7’0 jokić type build this year instead of pure slashing

No. Full time MyTeam


I was 50-50 this year and I kinda regretted it all
My friends play park thou so that’s a bit of the reason why

I Played 50-50 this year, and I think im gonna do the same, once i get bored with one mode, switch to the other

I thought I was going to do 40-60 between Career and MyTeam but after seeing how ridiculously bad player builds are, I’ll stick to MyTeam 95-5

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The myplayer builder is frustrating and a headache at this point. They need to make it simpler next year its pushing me towards full time myteam.

To me it’s not the fact that it’s complicated. It’s just that I don’t want to waste my time grinding for a fake 99 player

But I won’t go into this debate anymore

By them taking the road to 99 out I’m not sure anymore. Most ppl in mycareer will be 95 ovr in 40hrs of playtime. So the grind is not the same there which gives more space for myteam imo

Full time park/rec/proam. Myteam is a scam. Done falling for it. Gotten over the nostalgia it used to have. Just done with it. Not fun sitting there wasting money and grinding all by yourself for virtual cards just to start over next year.

I think ima be 75 MyTeam 25 Park this year. Havent really touched myplayer stuff since maybe 2k17

I wasted to much money this year before I realized I could just buy MT straight up

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So instead you’re gonna waste money and grind all year for a fake 99 player that you will lose next year and you’ll be forced to start over

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Yea rather spend $50 one time than $20+ every month. And you can play with your friends in the mycareer modes rather than sitting there by yourself playing against the CPU and straight cheezers :man_shrugging:

You can also do it in MyTeam
And in MyPark you face huge bigs with base 11 all the time.

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Nope you cant. You can play against people. You cant play with them. Playing vs friends usually doesnt turn out too well…

What about the meta in MyPark ? You have to face a sharp C with base 11 at every game

I primarily play rec and proam but hey im still gonna be one of those centers :man_shrugging: spend $50 and your good for the rest of the year vs spending $20-50 every couple of weeks

I’ll probably be on park a lot this year. Not sure what build I’m going to go for though, I need to know more about the gameplay.

Do people pass the ball in Park now?

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No, from my experience it’s impossible to play with ransoms in park.

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