Anyone else skipping 2k myteam next year?

I got burnt out in march. Haven’t played since. Thinking of skipping this year

Nah I can’t wait to start over having great memory’s of when I first got Finley and token reward Rashad it was so fun man


:point_up: skipping

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cant wait to have AH errors or crashes :rofl::joy::rofl:


Gonna just build the bankroll slowly.

Go for any 12-0 type rewards and sell every card when I get there.

Will fire up 19 if I want to mess around with the god squad.

Key is not to get obsessive about having every shiny new card. Exploit any glitches you can to build mt.


I told my Lady I wasn’t going to buy it. She said why not have the latest!

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I usually rotate between MUT & MyTeam each year. I’m sorry, but I can’t justify having a great team only for me to start completely over and do the exact same process again (while spending real money too). Seeing saphire cards as “incentives” or “bonus” for getting the legend edition of 2k20 feels like a slap in the face.

After MUT this year, I’ll probably miss MyTeam and go back to it for '21.

MT is a great mode it you don’t spend money.

Literally spend nothing and you won’t care when the usual bs happens.

Buy MT at the end of the year $30-$50 and you can have a god squad equal to people who spent thousands on packs all season.


I thinking of start off with mycareer and my league, I really want to be apart of a league like I used to in madden

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Can’t wait. I love the game fresh the most.


Can’t wait for 2K20!


If you just stick to my career do you end up wasting a lot of time not playing the actual game like you do in MyTeam refreshing the auction house, thinking of lineups etc…

Those things are fun in their own right, but Id like to limit the amount of time I waste playing while still actually PLAYING.

Can’t wait to get blasted by the servers. I stop getting excited for game like Madden and 2k. It leads to disappointment everytime

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I preordered the legend edition, so my first goal is to complete DOM and snipe/flip up to 1 million MT.

After that I’ll upgrade the team slowly with whatever I can have over 1 million.

Skip…to my Lou.

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Skip. Too time consuming. Rather play some other games and take a break from the BS at least for this year.

The initial grind was so painful, can’t imagine going through that again. I remember trying to snipe rubies and silvers in the beginning of the year and was so excited to make 2000MT. Hard to go back to that. Maybe I’ll come back after all star break, but definitely not buying at launch.

Always gotta get 2K when it 1st drops. Thats when all the glitches happen before the big patch lol

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Beginning of the year was the best for me, before the cards that could do everything came out

I’m either skipping MUT or MyTeam this year, been leaning towards MUT since I’m already gonna be late now. Got more homies that play 2k too so I’m excited for 2k20. I love the game before PFs with 86 ball control and centers with 80+ 3pt. It’s pretty close to BASKETBALL.