Anyone else see Ambish's new video?

Apparently, shot contests only register if the player you’re guarding is within four inches of your player’s height. Hedo is shooting straight over gilbert arenas in this video, and even jumping doesn’t affect the shot.

I can’t believe how badly 2k messed up the shot contest system this year. As if short players weren’t already useless enough, they go and give them an even greater disadvantage.

I honestly think this is the worst 2k gameplay wise. No variety in how top players compete. It’s all base 11 shooters hiding behind screens and playing the passing lanes on defense. Giannis at the 1 surrounded by 4 base 11 shooters is practically unguardable.


My Ralph Shoots over Iverson in Defensive Switches Cash all day.

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One thing to note is that on ambish’s qualifier stream he lost by continually trying to shoot over Chris Paul. Is there something to it, yeah. Is it 100%? No. Also play with friends isn’t a true barometer on contested shooting.


Playing with friend got some ez shooting sliders


True that it’s harder to shoot over people in unlimited. But it’s still way too consistent.

2k18 will never be beat in terms of worst 2k ever created


Didn’t even know this guy still made videos tbh. I remember him shedding real tears after losing to tjay and then still calling himself the king of myteam. Never payed attention to him after that

All sports games are in the toilet they’re all cash grab piles of shit people just like sports

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Ambush sucks at MyTeam. Many people on this forum have exposed him.

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I could play defense and contest shots in 2k18. I could stop the blowby stuff, and even if I couldn’t, at least it was only two points. I find this base 11 shooting much harder to stop.




Give the guy a break. He’s just explaining the mechanics of the game.

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Beluba a bitch

Yeah that’s a flat out lie. I’ve greened several heavily contested shots before. Guess who greened them? Base 11 shooters.

Game trash.

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Yeah, I didn’t make this post for people to attack Ambish. He’s just explaining a broken game mechanic.

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This has been known for awhile. It’s been tweaked but not perfected.

Ya just learning about this? Lol… don’t need someone from YouTube to teach you common knowledge.


I loved 2K17 then bought 2K18 and sold it to Gamestop after a week because it was so bad.

I’ve known height matters when shooting, but not to this degree.