Anyone Else Notice This?

All time Magic Johnson from play now (Left) vs. 2K Anniversary Magic Johnson (Right)

2K basically copy & pasted

I tried comparing the other 2K Anniversary cards to their all time ratings from play now (Blake & Ben) but they were to low so 2K had no choice but to boost their stats in order to get them to a PD.

All time Allen Iverson from play now is also very similar to his 2K Anniversary card.

You guys think 2K will just copy & paste players who have a 96+ all time rating & just use that as their 2K Anniversary cards? (MJ, LBJ, Kobe etc.)

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yes and copy badges from last year. 2K is a hardworking company.


Yeah man you just realize how lazy 2k is? We got duos in like june last yr :rofl:

Most cards are dupes from the regular roster. I’m pretty sure PD Stockton is an exact copy of his All Time Jazz card. I don’t think this is an issue? It’s a completely separate mode and with shoes+coaches, the boosts can change the player’s style entirely why take up unnecessary data adding another version of a card when they can just copy and paste?

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