Anyone else loving Larry Bird at PF?

Has to be one of the best moves of the season for me to grab him for about 120k MT. He is lights out.

I don’t even care if he’s slightly contested, he still gets those damn shots! When he’s hot he doesn’t miss

Yes. Best PF in the game. I have the PD though.


I’m his big admire as a real player, and his in game personification.

He’s top 5 fun cards to use.
He’s difference maker and when he’s hot,it’s game over.
It’s great to say it,because when his cards where realised, a lot of people worried about his fit to this year meta.

Gladly Larry-just like in real life-prove the doubters that they are wrong.

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Larry got best relese for me in game. Not leaving my lineup ever. Used him mostly on pos 4 until i got kg, and then moved him to sf.

but what about his defense and rebounding when facing taller PFs?

He’s got all the defensive badges aswell, he’s great at defending, but not as much for rebounding

You don’t t find KG’s release broken? I literally can’t/don’t use him, because good/smart opponents will just sag-off (or play a 2-3 zone defense), daring me to shoot it with him; except when I do, they have all the time in the world to turn what normally would’ve been a wide-Open shot (with literally ANY other player I can think of), into a heavily-contested/smothered jump-shot. He’s the ONLY player I’ve ever used where I’ve gotten more than 1 RED release (as in, “will never go in”) in a single game. I literally started the Diamond KAT from that set over him (the fucking collection reward), solely because of how broken KG’s jumper is.

[EDIT]: Defensively, he’s incredible. However, so are Diamond KAJ, Diamond Hakeem, Diamond KAT, and Diamond Joel (all of which I have as well). IMO, PD KG is basically nothing more than an overpriced Bill Russsel that can (sort-of/barely, space-the-floor).

I love him so i got used to his shot.
If you do moving shot it has faster reslese, but for catch and shot im prepared for it when icon passing and just do wide open shots. Even most of my slighty early shots go in cuz of hof dimer.

I don’t play 5 out so my bigs dont have to shoot 3pts all time. I play horns or 3-2 with kg/robinson/towns, even sometimes shaq rotation. Allways 2 athletic bigs on court

Yeah, his moving mid is fine; it’s just his catch-&/shoot 3s that are infuriating. Don’t get me wrong, his shot is pretty easy to time. It’s just that this is a null point, if you’re playing a smart/aware opponent, who manually closes-out on his catch-&-shoot jump-shots.

Well since almost everybody is running a 4-out, your PF is not gonna get many rebounds anyway. I keep a rebounding shoe on him though and he will get outrebounded if going for the board against a taller/better rebounder, of course. The only weakness offensively he may have is when you try to work the post against a good, strong and tall defender. Defensively his weakness is against those same guys. But since many people run tall SF’s at the 4, you’re actually better off using someone like Bird. Most people play turbo-ball and I have had 2 slow bigs in the game at once (McHale and Sabonis). They just can’t keep up with the pace. Bird can only be exposed defensively when your opponent uses a big strong post player often. And even then, his stats and badges help him out sometimes.

Same with KD. I have a post Defense shoe in 98 KD and run him at the 4. He’s a huge mismatch and can score at will from LITERALLY anywhere over the half-court mark.

Having the lineup with more speed is the way to go. I mean it was horrible when I ran 2 slow bigs together. Ruby cheese squads just ran me over and there was very little I could do. I know many people use KD at the 4 but I think I would still use him at the 3. He’s already quicker than most there. Just feels more appropriate but to each his own I guess.

Well I run diamond kawhi at the 3, and since MOST over-powered players (Kawhi/KD/LeBron) Kawhi locks them up much better than KD would

The biggest perceived weakness you mentioned of running a Twin Tower lineup is why I feel running that kind of lineup with the right cards is more advantageous then the small ball 4s we see more often. I’ve been running David Robinson as a 4 alongside Hakeem and it has been dominant.

@raptorsbenchmob was whooping my ass with him, I had Cliff and Giannis guarding him and he still hit all the contested 3PT. He’s a beast…

When he comes off screens he is just a beast with all that badging. Got so many plays with him that work. When u locked in giannis it changed the game for sureeeeeee. Kawhi is like that though. But better if u can believe it. His release is much better. Especially off the dribble

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