Anyone else lose their custom images? (Next Gen)

Trying to redo my court and my images are gone. They still show on the 2k website but they dont show in game. People have uploaded pictures so clearly it works. This happen to anyone else?


my custom jerseys dissappear became an ugly 2k uniform so im guessing this is also true for custom images

Once u find one of ur pics in the list u can book Mark yourself and all your shit is still there

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I have tried to reupload but the my images tab is blank… is there any fix?

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how do you do this?

You just gotta find an image of yours through like arena logos or something. For me I did the small 2kg logo that I had then just bookmarked my name

I found Sam’s 2KG scoreboard logo but I certainly have not uploaded anything that will make the top lists sadly.

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At least on xbox you can search for gamertags… So search your own gamer tag

Custom uniforms disappearing? My dream has come true.

Lol they aren’t removed don’t get too excited

ooo I’m gonna have to try this now haha

:confused: They should at least be moderated by people with some basic sense of aesthetics. My eyes have bled enough.

I just uploaded a picture and searched by latest, found the picture, and book marked myself. YT video coming soon ahhaha

Your not wrong. I constantly see these teams with these green jerseys and Celtics on the chest. They look soooooooo bad and hurt my eyes… :joy::joy:

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Some of them look like a 3-year old’s kindergarten “projects”. I would seriously pay to have this “feature” removed. Rant over.


Let me know if you all think this is thread worthy.

Seems to be the only way for people to access their custom logos on next gen for the time being, especially if they are not clouted and have a top 200 logo hahah


Good looks, Jacob. Ridiculous that this stuff didn’t transfer, though.

My logo doesn’t appear in the latest image uploaded :frowning:

edit : it worked, had to wait 10-15 minutes to appear lol