Anyone else having trouble uploading images? Did something change?

I haven’t been able to upload images like I normally have. Mainly just screenshots of lineups and what not.

not working for me, either

Yes, I think @2KGamer suggested to go through postimag or similar

It’s still workin for me

I have been able to upload to the 2k site but does show up in my images when creating jersey or arena. Is there any way around this issue?

Use very easy to upload.

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You can’t upload static images…or animations?

Admin limited upload size to 1k.

i use them for forum thread posting but will it upload to the community images or my images on the PS4 side of things bro? I never made anything custom usually play mycareer or online play now.

No idea, i only use it for forum purpose.

oh i thought this was about images on 2k never mind

Will talk to @2KGamer about it. I think static images should work.

But I think we will no longer allow uploading of gifs to our servers. Some animations are huge in size and just ear way too much space.

For animations, and also static images of you can’t presently upload those, I recommend uploading to a host and posting links.

The forum software will automatically parse and embed as if they’re uploaded.

On desktops, Greenshot is a great clipping tool and can be configured to upload to Imgur.

I dunno but would imagine that Imgur’s mobile app would make it easy on a phone.

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Static images