Anyone else have this prob with Diamond Melo?

I cannot hit a 3 to save my life with Diamond Melo. Unless it’s an excellent release and wide open, it’s not going in no matter what. It’s been driving me crazy! I thought it was just bad luck, but 25 games in and no change. I’ve had sooo many wide open shots with good release and will not go in! It literally has to be perfectly green for release and coverage in order to go in. I can hit so many shots with other plays that are smothered with a late or early release and they’ll still drop, but for Melo? Nope. He’s one of my fav players and really don’t want to sell him but this is leaving my no other choice. Anyone else have this problem?

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Never had a problem with him on offense. Defensively though…

I had the same exact problem. I absolutely love nuggets melo but I had no choice but to sell him. Got a Demar derozan with diamond contract and diamond red kyries instead and worked out much better… …sadly …

This sentence irked me to my very core.


Melo has been nothing but buckets for me so far online.

I had the same problem with Melo and sold him.

Melo ate me alive in several games over the weekend. So I added him. My hope is that strength evens out the bad day.
That release is so quick…

It sounds like more broken cards than fixed ones.

Glad I’m not the only one. Looks like I’m gonna sell Melo and try to pick up Diamond Pierce, although I haven’t seen any up in the AH in a few days.

Like bronze… I mean PD Jordan?

Pierce’s release is sooooooo slow. I tried him after Melo. Fail.

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Lol damn. Any suggestions for a replacement? Btw, I already have diamond Vince on the bench

Vince is hot garbage too. Very inconsistent. PG13 or bust.

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I wish I could get Bobby Jones for around 200k. Scratch that, 100k lol

97 pg13 is a monster

I don’t regret that collection at all, only thing that makes me mad is the max salaries


That’s the one. He has my highest games played total out of EVERYBODY. Consistently great.

When i had the PD Carmelo,that was his problem too.

Melo is a monster for me.

My man! Lol

My favorite is the windmill he will occasionally do that crushes the soul and ends the life of whoever ends up laying dead on the floor afterwards!

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Vince has been my most consistent player all year, he’s a beast for me. I’ve been wanting that Diamond PG for the longest, but Bobby Jones won’t let me have him :roll_eyes: