Anyone else hate playing against Ben Simmons?

Man I’ve played this card countless times and from diamond tier and above in Tto, He literally just dunks on everybody. It doesn’t matter which center I throw at him. He has dunking animations combined with height that just makes him unblock-able and unstoppable at the rim. And don’t get me started on the opal that combines that dunking ability with lights out 3point shooting. 2k made this card play nothing like Ben Simmons in real life. They need to nerf this man next year lol


It’s just dumb I don’t mind cards like Lebron kd or tmac getting crazy juiced cards but giving guys like Shaq and Ben Simmons these insane stats that make no sense at all is just stupid

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I don’t mind the dunking (which is still stupid btw), I just hate how much ground he can cover with OP dribble moves.

I cannot stay in front of him to save my life, & it’s even hard for my CPU to guard him while I off-ball.

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His release is also busted

Bol Bol, Issac Bonga etc… 2k just gives everyone crazy stats except Kobe, but no card dunks like this Ben Simmons


I have a hard time with him too. I use a mix of offball and onball to guard him. I can’t guard the opal card at all… I just give him the 3 and hope he misses.

Opal Bol Bol / Opal Taco / PD Manute Bol

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PD glitched Ben Wallace is a SF that dribbles like Kyrie and shoots like Curry. Can’t forget about him.

The clip at which the diamond card could hit threes pissed me off.

The fact that the Opal can hit threes wound me up originally but it’s the way the game has gone now so it’s cool

Every Simmons user is a rim runner. Inbound, run sideline across the court, go baseline, hop step and dunk. Wash, rinse, repeat

I really love to use him as a rim runner at the beginning of the game… and then use him to stretch the floor and shoot some threes because the opponent won’t be prepared to that

Pretty acurate to how real life Simmons plays like.