Anyone else hate 2k20 soundtrack?

I know I’m getting old but this generation of rap is just so generic to me , everyone has the same exact flow and words on every song
Rap is so polluted now imo

There’s probably like 3 songs in this soundtrack that I think are cool the rest of the time I play this game on mute

Take me back to the jay z 2k13 soundtrack days

I liked your comment until you mention Fake-Z…

I just muted the soundtrack in the settings

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I havent listened to a 2k soundtrack in years.

Spotify ftw


My bad im from brooklyn lol

I love Brooklyn but he is fake af

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It’s far from good but I disliked last year and 18 a lot more than this one.

I haven’t heard the soundtrack since opening night, that’s one thing they can cut from the game all together, everybody can literally choose their own music to play now, cut the cost of putting music in the game and apply that else where


Is there some way to play music through the Xbox while muting 2K sound? Always wondered this.

I know. This NFL shit got me cringin. Dude making money off this fucked up cultural shit it’s wackkkkkkkk

Actually this year is better than last year in my opinion. But after 5trillion of 4 myriad million times hearing the same and the same songs your braincells are melting aggressively…

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spotify works i think

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The only song i like so far is the KRS-ONE song


Y’all some old heads lol

I like it. I think I just like having some kind of music going and doesn’t really matter what it is.


I’m 24 and this music is one of the worst eras beside snap and bling bling

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You can be young and still be a old head

Just embrace it, nothing wrong with it

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Let’s be real people been saying mostly the same shit in rap for 25 years.

Tell me specifically how the lyrical content is that much different than most rap before lmao.

I like the soundtrack.

I swear 90s rap sounds very similar to each other. I only rock with Eminem from then

I miss the chanel song from 2k19

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