Anyone else had kidney stones?

think i got em F in the chat

Drink more water bro

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facts i drink a decent ammount but clearly not enough, im a big boy 6’6’’ over 300lb

The worst brother… I’ll :pray: for you. I got through it but it was probably the most painful thing I’ve ever felt. I’ve heard it compared to being like “childbirth for men.” I wish you luck and message me if you have any questions… I feel I’m pretty qualified after what I experienced earlier this year.

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Could you play guard for the rams? We’re struggling with our interior linemen.


I heard they were painful and can make a grown man cry

I had surgery because of this :slight_smile:
More water + this:

And also find & start drinking Cornsilk Tea, hate the taste but it helps a lot.

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I had this when I was 15 or 16, the pain was unreal. I was home alone so all I could was roll around on the floor and pray that it went away. Luckily it did after a while and they must’ve come up with my urine (TMI maybe?).



Hands off we need him at LT


I know I don’t make things better, but from what I’ve heard they can cause some of the worst pain that a human being can encounter without getting unconscious.

I’ve heard it’s comparable to giving birth.

I feel bad for your dick. I’ll pray for you.

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Depends on what type of stones you have to determine whether or not dietary modifications or supplements will help. Hope you pass them. If you do, make sure you save them so they can do chemical analysis to determine what type of stone it is.

Man if its comparable to tooth ache pain , then Gg

It’s true, i can confirm :slight_smile:

seein doc today, hopefully gettin flomax to open up the tubage down there :wink:

You know it does visually block ejaculation right ? lol. Actually it causes reverse one lmao, i believe it was called “retrograde ejaculation”
You’ll know…