Anyone else feel like Ray is broken

Pull up from limitless with any other card that has it, high chance of it going in, pulled up wide open with ray, I have hit one limitless three with him out of maybe 10-15 shots, I’m kinda set on making him work due to the fact that he overall is a great card and on paper looks identical to klay but faster

But like I said he doesn’t hit deep ones for me, and unless it’s a catch and shoot three he’s struggling, mid and driving is fine tho

Some cards feels good for some people while they are awful to others

Did you ever played with Klay? How does he feels?

Klay is an animal, catch and shoot from anywhere with having magic throwing him the ball, I sold klay once he was going for 400k because I don’t like having players sitting on my team that have that much value, but since I’m trying to find a solid 2

Well for me Klay was trash. Barely making shots, averaging 5 pts per game

See? People react differently with some cards

Look at his tendencies. He is an off screen and spot up shooter. His pull up 3s are a 5 in transition and a 4 off dribble. Ray Allen didn’t pull up limitless 3s that wasn’t his game

The post says he’s fine off the catch and shoot=plays, except when it’s like it transition and I pass him the call, players like klay and manu just hit this deep shot no problem

Try the new PG13 he is very solid.

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Plus Danny granger also has a 0 shot theee tendenacy and we all know that’s a lie lol

He’s my baby :heart::heart: I love him so much

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me too bro he is my leading scorer lol

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Pg is good, but for whatever reason he’s a player I don’t want on my team, he’s not that good in real life, he doesn’t just pull up and hit every three imaginable lol,
With that being said when his Ann card comes out I’ll get it tho lol

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When ray played transition 3s were not much of a thing. People took it to the basket. Klay transition/off dribble 3s are 35-55 so he will hit more. Granger I can’t bring up right now mtdb won’t bring up his tendencies

For granger, looking at them, and then playing with him they don’t make sense

I feel the same for Ron Artest and Lonzo I hate these guys so I won’t use any of their cards

Don’t use 2kcentral they don’t have the complete tendencies

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The tendencies govern the behaviour of a player when he is controlled by the CPU. In this case the CPU will never attempt a pull up in transition with him.

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How many game winners has that man hit Carlo…

Almost same me and u but never mention that

This entire forum combined has hit as many game winning threes as pg

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