Anyone else copping losses when they make the opponent quit?

i am trying to get PD Manu but theres been 3 times in a row i get a few wins in then someone quits and it gives me the loss, it’s fucking bullshit because how am i supposed to go 12-0 like this?

Servers have been extra shit today. Earlier I tried to play a game and before it even started searching for an opponent it immediately kicked me to the homepage of 2k and when I went back into myteam I had a loss. Then in literally the next game I was up 21 at the half and the game suddenly ended and it said this game wont count, well guess what, another loss. Fucking 2k garbage servers.

i just won a game by 40 points and got the loss lmfao joke of a game

Won 5 games straight in the past 2 hours and every 1 gave me a loss

it’s a fucking joke, i want my fucking money back if the game can’t decide i win when i get a win

Ahh, the weekend. When 90% of the 2k population can finally grind Unlimited but 0% can get wins for winning


TTO is buggin right now too, after 4 straight wins, when I get the W and it quits straight to MyTeam home then enter TTO and it gives me a loss.

4 games in a row now I’ve won but its giving me the loss so frustrating.

This just happened to me! Luckily it was the start of a new season, but wow thats annoying

Also not getting MT even when given the loss. I was 6-0 and just won 5 in a row and not get wins. Frustrating

Similar to TT offline - just kicked me out twice in a row after wins to myteam home with no mt. Games didn’t count. This game is a glitchfest.

Yeah TTO just gave me a loss after blowing someone out

Anyone have a fix for this? Just happened again… might just go to sleep lol

Yeah tto giving me losses 5 times