Anyone Else Cant Get On MYteam

keep getting problem with my connection errors and some code i enter the code it dont help are the servers messed up i can log into madden fine and my internet working fine

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It’s been happening most of the day. Myteam only. There’s multiple threads about it already



thank you for fast response before i start resting my routers and modems thanks bud
i just sat down big thanks

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Wait till 12 am it should start

Let’s you know my career the bread and butter

why 12am?

only taking me about a half hour to auction 4 guys. not bad


and why has 2k not released anything about this all day?

When have they ever addressed issues with their game? lol

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:smirk: Come on bro it’s 2k lol. When have they ever made a public statement claiming they made a mistake? Trump would make a public statement admitting fault before 2k would. Sorry I had to go there lol

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I mean they usually mention when servers are down

I gave up on myteam for the night. Missed out on a snipe because of the loading symbol and error. Not worth the headache and I don’t see it being fixed soon

I sniped a Ben Wallace while he was invisible to everyone lmao


Yea :slight_smile: It’s sniping time for those who are in!

Lol cant get in for like 20 minutes now.



They use sunday to fix auction house for diamonds and pinks :slight_smile:

Yeah likewise. It was going good for about 2hrs there

2k are really cheap fucks, the worst servers ive ever played any game on.

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