Anyone drive/familiar with Lyft? Legal advice please

So I didn’t really want to post this on any Lyft forums and I have seen others post personal problems on here with positive results so here goes…

So I drive Lyft Friday/Saturday night for extra income.

Last night at about 3:30 AM I picked up a good looking younger couple. During the ride they were very interested in me for some reason. I dropped them off and they asked me if I wanted to make things interesting and the woman dropped her dress and asked me if I wanted to touch her. I declined and they left.

I contacted Lyft and the Police…Police told me I need to come in to make a report. I have a dashcam facing the road with audio. For some reason the camera caught the whole ride other than the one minute I was propositioned…WTF? Did they have some sort of device to disable the camera haha?

Do I have anything to be worried about? Should I do anything else? Were they fishing to find a way to sue me or something?

Honestly I dont really give a shit, but don’t want to somehow have this flipped on me. Maybe on of you guys have an angle on this I am not thinking of. Hopefully they were just trying to spice up their relationship.

Sounds to me like they were just being freaky.

Either they’re into 3 ways or the guy likes watching other dudes with his girl.

Either way nothing should come out of it other than a missed opportunity :wink:


Ya they seemed nice…felt bad calling it in, but wanted to cover my ass.

The way Lyft works you can clock out anytime you want. If you ended your shift and then accepted, it’d have no tie to you being on the job.

i would’ve accepted their offer, but i doubt it’s gonna be flipped against you the couple was probably just looking for a 3some or something of the sorts


nah you did the right thing thats some weirdo shit , i wouldve cancelled the ride and put them out


Either they were off the drugs or tried to lure you into some trap. You took the right pro cautious


this angle makes alotta sense, they could’ve been trying to lure him somewhere where they could rob him


The offer took place once I was at the drop off point and the car was still. They got out once I turned them down.

Good call…my mind works like that, but I didn’t think of that angle. They could have lured me out of the car and done anything.

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How awkward was it after u said no

The dude seemed a little frustrated, but nothing crazy. The woman seemed cool still and they got out real quick.

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You definitely handled it the right way though, good for you man.