Anyone doing the new Team-up challenges

Did the first 2 last night, felt pretty sweaty, even on pro. The international ones were super easy

This third challenge sounds like a pain- make 6 team layups while Wilt rejects everyone?

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The cool thing is floaters count as well, so that’s a solid move with a Stockton or Otis type player

Euro step with Nique and Manu, or drop step layups with a wing over Jerry West.

They’re all easy af

ok, nice. Did you finish all 10?

I did them all, none are particularly tough.

Steph on Marbury glided past wilt for the layups

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I’m on 7, I did about 5 this morning in about 40 mins.

It’s all been fairly easy. I’ve been farming 3s with Duncan and either getting paint points with Duncan via layups or dunks unless Nique has a better matchup.

Cake walk so far, the hardest challenge I still reckon is any challenge with Steph Curry.

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They are all on pro… How much lower difficult you want/need?
It’s a gift from 2k to set them all to pro difficulty


yea I finished them pretty fast. I use them to farm challenges even while I am tryna complete them. You hit every three and there is no defensive tasks this week

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Bro this shit so easy I was trying to brick threes to get rebounds and shots were going in with very late releases. Lol. You don’t even have to get steals or blocks or anything. Shit was mad easy

none of these challenges are tough, minus the dunker last game. Just thought the Arenas game felt a little sweaty will playing it.

Didn’t see a thread on it, so thought I would start one. Just saw the teams and names associated and thought it had high potential for CPU cheating

These are always a pain in the ass! Get 10 rebounds they tell us, CPU misses 2 shots so all you can do is try to miss and get your own rebound lol!

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I’d prefer if they just dropped me into practice mode with no defense and I just had to get my 3s and dunks that way.

These are only Pro difficulty saying so on the screen but there is a huge difference between domination pro and SL challenge pro. The pro we know is domination pro. SL pro is way harder and more punishing.

The other thing is that pro difficulty shooting seems to work for the AI as well which is why they barely miss.


Knocked them out in like an hour or so last night. I like that these spotlights are easy and quick. Much prefer these to full length games


Bruh those 5-6 min games were killer. This is a blessing and on pro so you can do challenges for players if need be. I hated those long full length spotlight games where you had a challenge and almost lose last year.


Yep. I just throw on a podcast and I’m done with all 10 before it’s over. I hope this is how they are from now on and not just for Rafer

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I am hoping so too. I just got ptsd to last year using sapphires and emeralds against opal teams for spotlights on superstar all for that trash magic that got outdated so quick by frostbite magic. But people wanna complain still. I swear anything to rag on then we will. In the long run from 2k13 when this started, its been more like 70 years of progress for this mode then 7 lol

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Did them all this morning. They’ve all been pretty easy to be honest.

I just run pd curry ( he is in every line up) , Giannis if it requires dunks or blocks, assists is any lump that can pass to curry.

Who did y’all run against Wilt, Jerry, & Elgin? I know it SAYS pro difficulty but I’m calling bs

Curry bill Russell and jimmy

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