Anyone collect sports cards?

The VORK does and I have some real nice hits. You?

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Have a couple. I know I have one around it’s a signed Demarcus cousins jersey card

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Have some really cool baseball cards too and some other basketball ones.

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This is my best pull of all time. Only like 10 or fewer exists from what I can tell.


Holy shit. That’s dope how much is it worth you know?

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One sold on eBay for 900 earlier this year. It rarely appears on resale. It’s wild.


Heavily collect Devin Booker. One of the cooler cards I have are these game-used rookie logoman patches limited to three copies and I have all three :fearful:


Damn dude you own all of a card run? That’s awesome.


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I have more damn pictures too big though

I like it. I pulled a redemption card today of Bregman. A /10 card. Pretty sweet I’m excited to get it.

more coming still these damn pictures too big annoying af

I demand MOAR

I’m trying lmao all the pictures too big

Should I just list the rest?

Upload them to imgur and link the album

Tf is imgur?

2 Likes Don’t think it got them all on there last time