Anyone available for a friendly now ? Ps4

Bird test :slight_smile:

Noone? Damn…

I can

Psn: Onrak, jump in.

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Fr sent

Send invite

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Hell of a game bro GG

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It was streamworthy lol. U defended Duncan in fire perfectly damnn! :joy:

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Such a clutch block by PG but I thought you had it with that Larry corner 3

Yeah it was a Larry test anyway. He seems good enough :innocent:

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I pulled one but I sold right away

Intend to buy back?

Nah not athletic enough for me
Too slow coming off screens

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Thanks for the game. We should play again later.

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But looking at picking up diamond wilt as he’s a BIN now for a traditional center what you think?

I have him in ah :joy: Mutombo is more than enough for me as a traditional center.

Seeing as I’ll never reach GO wilt he might be worth the shot

Mutombo forever! (not Wakanda)

Anyone up for a friendly?