Anyone actually have more success with using the post in MyTeam?

I’m not talking about getting an offensive rebound & just going back up. I’m talking about actually using Shaq/Kareem/Hakeem and going to work down low and just eating up your opponent?

This is borderline unstoppable outside of myteam (as it should be), however, it’s just nowhere near as efficient and does not generate the insane numbers that a typical 5 out offense gives you in this game mode. I also cant tell you the amount of turnovers I’ve had simply trying to pass the ball to the post, as the CPU triggers horrendous passing animations that just go to the defenses hands. As a matter of fact, ever since switching to the dark side and taking Shaq out of my lineup and my triangle motion offense for KP and the 5 out Bucks offense, my offense has flowed a million times better and I’m turning the ball over a LOT less. the 3’s feel like layups and makes me question Shaq’s actual worth if I don’t even have to work half as hard to shoot 3s than me working with Shaq in the post to get a good look. And for what? Thon Maker to completely shut him down?

In MyTeam, PD Porzingis is 20X more valueable than PD Shaq. Yes, I can do damage in the post with Shaq, but it’s not nearly as lethal as KP being a cone to just catch & shoot 3s after my guard penetrates.

Having experience going up against Hakeem & AD, I can also say that them in the Porzingis role is 20X more effective than dominating down low.

It’s a common theme whenever I go up against McHale users, and that is that they ALL play this brand of basketball.

So I guess my question is, can you still be a great player playing 90s- early 2000s style basketball? Lol


if you do a lot of p&r/pop and get the mismatch then you can get into the post by pressing L, selecting the post up button, and doing a bounce pass, but make sure that the center is not in the left or right block but near the free throw line or else it might get intercepted. then you back them down and do a dropstep/post spin and you get an open layup/dunk. don’t do this if this is some kind of op card that can guard the post, such as the dishwasher. also I noticed that 2k added this shitty animation where if you do a dropstep, your player just throws the ball out of bounds sometimes and they don’t call a foul.

I played a guy back in Oct and all he did was post stuff with avg cards like Amy KAJ, Amy Scola, Amy Pau. I don’t think he ever made a 3. He destroyed me. Using the stick centering he greened so many hooks and fades – don’t think it was a zen b/c he was missing a few outside shots. Props to him. He was really good at it.

But no one else has done it to me with that execution since.

3s > 2s and that’s the meta and it’s going to stay that way. But if ya play like that guy and just go post, I still think you can win even though everyone can now jack 3s vs. how things were in Oct.

I used to play a lot of post in 2k19, but 2Ks made it much harder since. It’s rare someone does a spin or a fade anymore. Get a mismatch and dropstep. That’s it.

I am actually getting bored with the game, chucking 3s, etc. So to change things up I might do a week of just playing in the post in MTU. Will force me to get better down there and have some fun while doing it. I know it really frustrates some people.


If you haven’t already, subscribe to @EarvGotti on YouTube and watch his vids. He’s out there destroying people in the post and generally by playing 90s style ball. He’s very patient and takes advantage of the opponent’s weaknesses. He’s got everything…post fades, post spins, up and unders, hop step shots, jab steps into spin moves for drives or snatchbacks or straight into a jumper, that move where you disengage from the defender you’re backing down by hopping backwards that faces you up and you can explode to the rim for a poster. He utilizes footwork like Kobe and MJ in their primes. Beautiful to watch.


Im using Shaq and Kobe, mostly working in the post.
Kobe still a missmatch for most of the guards with his strength its an easy postspin or drive.
With Shaq its dropsteps 0-24. He can push back anybody.
But I cant stand the stupid animations where after a succesful post fake or dropstep and a missed block attempt they got the ball…
And post hooks are broken imo, I cant do them even with hof hook specialist players. I dont using aiming but missing randomly the hook shots.

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I play in the post all the time with Shaq, Bird and Jamison

I love playing in the post. It can be a headache at times with all the bad animations and easy buckets being missed but hey that’s 2k

PD Shaq is a frickin monster but diamond kareem is just different. Kobe and Magic have also been excellent.

Post with shot stick is the only way I’ll play button post is too inconsistent for me

But I love a good post player. Lemme get Hakeem down low. Melo also very fun this year in the post

With entry passes it’s very important to utilize bounce and overhead passes with the buttons, not just regular icon passing. Something else that can be efficient is to hold (against a full front) the handoff button and have him come up up the lane a couple steps then release it. I haven’t hard a hard time throwing entry passes in this game at all tbh, if the guy defending the passer drops back you have a wide open three. Dribbling along the corner or swinging the ball up top can also help you get a better passing angle if you’re being played a certain way. Oh and the most important thing by far is to make sure the post guy gets his feet set and starts to hold his position before throwing the pass, you’ll have way better animations (less bobbling a d fumbling with the ball), obviously this doesn’t apply if using the handoff method

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Most of my post exploits are Ben Simmons HOF drop-stepping on smaller guards. Embiid is probably my next-best post-scorer. I mostly use post-ups to exploit mismatches, and just hammer away until they’re forced into a lineup change.

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is easier to make a moving 3pt with turbo than make a shot in the lowpost.

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