Anyone a list of the rare jerseys in the game

Need some mt and have every single jersey in the game, anyone know which ones they are

Miami city and earned

None of the city jerseys I’m talking the ines that are in the regular collections that are rare

Idk…but I just opened the Jersey packs from when I did Domination and threw them up in the AH, because I bought them all cheap beforehand. Only one went for over 2K so far and I don’t even remember which one it was.

That would be the suns Association

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Also if anyone needs any of these jerseys on Xbox I could post them

I am looking for the raps , Celts and heat earned. Please PM me for how much MT you want for those

Have you checked away jerseys? I just did those collections (if they’re the ones with 8 apiece) and all of them were on the AH.

Yup I know they are in the away jersey filter , but they are too expensivo

Those are all locked in for tokens just normal collection jerseys

Damn alright , I got every jersey too

I had a heat city on xbox, i threw it up for 6.6k and it sold immediately lol

Damn man they go for 10k

I was cautious cuz i thought someone would start putting up 3-4k, it was like 2 10k jerseys, but i didnt know they were rare, lol i woulda put up 8.8k had i knew