Anybody use Haywood?

Speed seems killer especially for D’antoni. Him badged out for less than 100k sounds like a win to me.

He’s the only one who caught my eye. Looks solid right on paper.

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Loved Haywood in other 2ks so I bought him pretty quickly. Killer dunker and defense is solid. Will knock down open threes and his release is in the sweet spot for me in regards to speed. But with the ball in his hand he moves like he’s in quicksand. Still love the card for its speed and attacking abilities though.


What’s the neat shoe for him? I’m thinking speed with ball. His stats look awesome. Just got one for 40k I figure I’ll try him out.

I mean that’s what? 59 to 64? Not sure if that’s worth it. Pink addidas would probably be best if that’s your plan though. Like I stated in the original post, he’s not gonna be great unless you have extra Mt to spend on multiple badges and a shoe. He’ll be great on the break, comparable to even Blake possibly, but won’t be nearly as good in the half court unless you get an open 3 shoe with D’antoni or Casey

I did the black Jordan 31’s. A 3pt shoe would probably be the best match for him, but I didn’t want to buy it for him because I don’t think it’d raise his value enough on resale to justify it. I chose the 31’s to boost the lateral quickness which helps quite a bit and I wanted to see if the +5 speed with ball was noticeable in game. Unfortunately it isn’t :joy:

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Can someone tell me how the hell I make my own post on here? Lol

Should be a nice big new topic button on the front page

how much is he on ps4

Not on rn. Should be around 50k

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alright thank you

Be patient and you can probably get him for 40k. I’ve seen a few at that price. Haven’t had a chance to use him yet. Outside of his swb he looks fantastic.

he looks very underrated

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So are you guys saying he’s a good pick up for your teams so far? Also best shoe? I’m putting together a sonics squad.

I was sorta thorn on him, then remembered Ben Wallace and bough him for my backup PF.

I’m trying to run this:


You don’t have KD? Russ is also a sniper from… from… ok he’s decent in tto I bet

Ran into him on TTO he posted up my klay until he got post take over and was balling out , but 3 is better the 2

Maybe something like this?

Run him at SF. Post up. You’re very welcome