Anybody still running TMac?

Title. Just wondering if people are still digging this card or if everyone has moved on.

I still rotate him in and out. Bout to try him in TTO and see if he helps me get some wins. Otherwise i may flip him now before PD/Opal drops

Same as above, offensively dude is up there with anyone. He’s been saving my ass in TTO tho

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Thinking about losing mtu game on purpose to try and pull a tmac since I’m 8-2

i usually go crazy for tmac cards but anniversaries fuck that up. Orlando Tmac will be my point guard for sure.

I ran him for 2 days then sold him. He’s just not worth his price, at least this Diamond isn’t. Especially with this new release, old one was way better imo

I sold mine once he didnt get a defensive boost from the duo. Still pissed Francis got it with Yao

Offensively he was the best card for me, sold him for better defenders but might buy him back. Defnitely try him, he bombs and greens and is very fun but this isn’t the super dunking version yet, just the crazy shooter.

Still run him off the bench, or bottom 3, since he has a diamond contract. I’m a big TMac fan so I need at least one. Probably won’t upgrade since this one has HOF limitless already. Offensive juggernaut. People pay attention when he’s on the floor.

Brandon Roy or Tmac or Granger?

Never tried Granger. Can’t go wrong with TMac or Roy, but I’ll throw TMac in at SF sometimes. Can’t do that with BRoy.

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Anni kd

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Yes must Cop!

Most greens by any player by far. His limitless is different.