Anybody still play Fortnite? (Selling Giftcard)

A friend gave me a $25 gift card specifically used for Fortnite, a game neither him or myself play, and I’d like to sell it or exchange it or whatever.

Anyone still playing/ know anyone that would want it? It’s like 2800 V-Bucks or something.

I guess PM me if you’re interested? :sweat_smile:

Not that I am interested, but what platform are you on?
I found out not long ago that when you get PSN cards for Fortnite from what they say, it’s just an amount of money that goes in your PSN account to spend on any game…

Really? I’m on PSN.

But that’s a thing? That would be great.

Well I don’t know if I got properly what you meant, but I’d double check…

I was given a 10 bucks voucher for PSN. It was all over the place about Fortnite and there was a little star saying (this voucher equals to 1100vbucks). I typed in the number and it put 10 bucks in my PSN wallet.

I wouldn’t want to be wrong though.

You can maybe put up a picture here hiding the code obviously and we might be able to guide you

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It’s this one. Was yours similar to it?

Is there anything written at the back?

Just did some snooping, and yeah, apparently this card is just a fancier looking PSN card and will just put $25 into my account so good looking out!

I wouldn’t want to put you in something wrong but I’m pretty sure they do this just for the look :wink:

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Yeah I’ve looked into it. It’s not Fortnite specific, and is just designed that way for people that just want to use it for that I guess. Basically makes buying stuff for that game a 2-step process but is really just a $25 card in hiding. :joy:

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You just stole 25$ from your friend. Well done :sweat_smile:

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It was a late secret Santa thing so I think we’re okay :joy: