Anybody see this about Sebastian Telfair?

Yea I seen it and he’s incredibly not smart man everyone knows how strict nyc is on guns and to have all that driving around and shit he should be glad he ONLY got 3.5 years


Also I didn’t know you had to have a license in every state to carry I travel a lot makes me rethink going and getting a hand gun. Also why was he riding with the shits loaded at 2:31 am with his headlights off sounds like he was tryna hit a lick


It’s not his first time offence.

If i remembered correctly he was involved in some shooting outside the strip club when he was a part of JailBlazers infamous team.


Yea I seen this a couple days ago I think on twitter…

I’m in Aus and even I know how strict NYC gun laws are. Bassy got done with guns in his car years ago too I think.

Damn bro was he going to war?

@OGxSuave it varies state to state. Alot of stares will recognize ur concealed carry when out of state but like this some dont. So u gotta check. N ur 100% right he should b thrilled w 3.5 thats the minimum. I think i gun charge is 3.5-15 so he def got off light for a repeat offender

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Stupid police state laws. All his guns were registered. He will be home in less than 2 years.


Nah, he’s not doing dirt with guns registered in his own name. That’s the whole point of a burner. Registered guns are for protection. With all the crazy shit that happens now, I carry everywhere but the airport.


You can own SMG’s legally?

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Bruh you can get a license to have full auto.

Damn! We need a license for any firearm here but semi-auto is basically not an option (other then pistols) unless you’re a licensed pest control hunter shooting pigs, camels or roo’s out west.

Plaxico Burress got 2 years for shooting himself in New York.

Dude got time for shooting himself? How does that work? Lol you gotta be a dumbass to do a bid for shooting yourself

Sebastian was robbed at gun point before, that’s mostly likely why he’s rolling around strapped. That’s his 2nd gun case too, the 1st one he got probation.

Lol he did bro. Shot himself right in the leg outside a club or something in the PRIME of his career. Coming off a super bowl victory. Cost dude MILLIONS w a capital M


That shit was wild. The Giants had just knocked off the heavily favored Pats and people were talking about Burress’ career blowing up.

Then he shot himself in the leg and he never got back to that same level.

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So if I get on a plane my firearm has to go in the carry on correct

Why is everything fully loaded also why is he riding around at 2 am with headlights off also he needs better friends I’d be sick if my mans didn’t own up to the bud being his

Gotta be smarter than that man, even if it’s not yours. Just carry blades