Anybody ran into a team built like this

Just realized they all had PDs, might try to make this lineup and see how well they would do in the mean streets of unlimited

You’ll be able to compete. They’re all great cards.


This. I’ve never got owned by Big Ben. Just lock him down with Pd magic and you’re good.

This team would be nasty! Might build it later, already have all of them sans Durant in the collection.

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2k is more about your skill level than the cards. If u are good and know how to use each card u can pretty much be good with any card on the game


Only exceptions are when the shot contest didn’t register with height differences over three inches and if you are using a small guard and get backed down/post spun.

I’m always so confused when I run up against a Magic out of position. I’ve never seen so many people run a card and not know how to run him properly. Magic should never be invisible. Back when I ran Anni Magic (and even Payton) I made it a point to work inside out instead of outside out cause, “magic can shoot guys!”