Anybody has a Fred Hoidberg to sell? (XB1)

Haven’t seen one in the AH lately. Anybody has one willing to sell?

I’ve quicksold like 5 lol

Damn that’s harsh lol

Bro there are like 6 up on xb1

1000 or less mt

Might want to get a Xbox before Sept 6th OP.

Didn’t know he had a throwback my b

Yeah it’s the throwback lol

What do you mean?

Any got historic

Wolves hoiberg
Rockets aaron brooke
Pacers kellog

Willing to buy for 100k each in xbox

Clark Kellogg is one of the rarest players on the game, I’ve seen him go for over 500k a couple times

Going to be rough most veronicers have moved on, doubt anyone is ripping throwbacks anymore

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Yeah I was lucky to get one for like 7k by being patient.

One of the best advice I got on the forums was to lock in throwbacks as they were released. I started doing this with the 4th team. Prices are just ridiculous now. 3000 Tokens is pretty awesome but no card worth 500k mt.

Im willing to buy hoiberg for 200k.reply asap

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Hi man, do you have wolves hoiberg… Im buying for 200k MT… In xbox1