Anybody got the MUT coins to sell?

Anybody got the MUT coins to sell?

Looking to purchase some!

if youre XB1 @element has some i believe

I have 500k to sell. Xbox.

PS4? If so please I beg you lol

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Yeah I have some PS4 aswell

Check the Madden Szn thread. There’s a few PS4 users there. I’m on Xbox sold 2.6 million for $8 per a few days ago.

How much do MUT coins go for? (Xbox)

Honestly idk I sold mine for $8 per 100k, Knezius sold his for like $6, but someone tried to sell me some for $20 per 100k today. So no clue. I wouldn’t buy at 20. Seem around $8 to $10 is going rate.

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Bump, anyone got any they want to unload??