Anybody got sapphire raymond felton?

If anybody has him laying around in their collection could ya throw him up for like 2500 mt.

There’s one up for 10k.

I see that, but thats a terrible deal. If worst comes to worst I guess I will have to pick that one up, but it would be really helpful if somebody has one.

That’s what I had to spend on mine as well homie. I needed him to lock that set. I looked for days.

Why not just get diamond dwight?

Wanted the amethyst for roster restricted league.

1 of the best Amy’s in the game. Worth it for your tourney to save a Diamond slot.



Yeah dude. Bite the bullet.

Was going to and try to buy the one for 10k, but he was gone. It really do be like that sometimes though.

I will now pay 12k for him, anybody got em?

I paid 20 before diamond dropped. He’s already been semi rare. There’s only one sapphire Scola for 14k. Sapphires values very

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I sold a Scola for 100k this week on PC for example…

Up to 15k now, please, somebody must have him laying around

Day 4, the deprivation of raymond felton is driving the body to do crazy things, while the 2011 knicks gm is doing his best to stay alive, his mind slips into unconsciousness


I have diamond shoed ruby Diaw if you are looking for some fat :joy:


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Just looking out :+1:

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