Anybody getting way less points this round?

Supermax is ridiculous this round. I beat the season a couple times and know how it works when you get to pd but shit this round is straight BS. No matter how good the teams are that I’m beating Amy, Diamond, Pd I’m only getting 25-55pts per game. The most rigged BS I’ve seen. I’m 30-13 with only 3,314pts.

I was 24-6 and about the same points your on. I lost two games losing 168 points roughly each and decided to quit the game for reaching Pink Diamond and just having fun from now on. Its probably the best thing I can do, I don’t think Ill be playing much in a months time when porzingis comes out.

Wow just right after this thread I lose to a guy in diamond and lose 178pts. Unreal that might have been the nail in the coffin. That’s literally 7-8 wins. I prob won’t be playing a lot a month from now either, the competitiveness in me just wanted to go for him to go out with a bang. I don’t think I have it in me though. The OP god squads, the rigged as points system it’s just too much. If it doesn’t go to a rttp format next year and stays this way I won’t be playing My Team.

Every win is <60 and every loss is >125. Can’t wait until I cash out the rest of my cards.


Exactly, I am in the same boat as you. Yeah I hate when that happens and is why I need to change my team and play it like a game for fun and not a lifestyle lol. 8 x 20 mins games works out to be like 3 hours, just to get where u were if u don’t lose, it sucks.

Yeah, I’m cashing out. This shit is stupid.

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I have a budget squad with 2 amys 2 saph rest rubies and was on a 3 game win streak till i lost in ot to a god squad. He was in diamond tier and i lost 160 points.

I barely started the season and was in sapphire…

Yeah I got every season reward but this round is by far the most bs I ever seen. Don’t matter the oppenent I was getting 25points per win, which seal the deal for me to fully quit since my time is limited these days so can’t play 60 games per rounds just to hit PD


Yea man it’s rigged this round. When I beat a dude in pd and got 25pts that shit made me sick

I’ve gotten way more point this round than any other round. Got to pd around 20 games. Would’ve gotten there a lot earlier but lagged out a couple of games. The round before this took me 35 games.

Just beat a guy in PD with a ridiculous squad by 15 points and earned only 25 points that’s absurd. I’m on Amy so I should be getting more than that for a win against that dude

Total BS. Same thing happened to me. Then when I lost to a PD’er, I lost 175 points. I’m still in Amy too.


Same thing happened to me. Played against this dude that’s on PD who i swear must believe he is playing nba jam and of course the worst the shot he took the more he made them. Lost 186 points on that one


We honestly should spam their support something changed this round I’m 40-13 and I’m still in diamond.

Played five games of the new Multi Challenges so far, finishing three of the four.

So far, best online gameplay in MyTeam this year. Those of you who are good enough in SM to get to PD…makes sense to keep grinding.

I know I’m not, so I’m gonna enjoy this Superstar difficulty as much as I can.


I finally made it was the most difficult round the entire year. I am dehydrated from sweating so much. LOL


Yeah, me too. It’s fun being able to play defense again!

:+1: Well done

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Sheeeesh. I’ve got like 9 hours left to get there. I had a crazy late start due to my vacation. I’m sitting on 3400 and it’s been a pain in the ass in only 23 games. I started 8-1, then went on a 7 game losing streak (lord knows how I managed to keep playing and not quit altogether at this point), and now I’m back on a 7 game winning streak. This gamemode truly is stress inducing. No bullshit, I find myself getting so tense in my neck and shoulders when I play for an extended period of time. I need a masseuse on standby and my girls asleep. Wake up, babygirl, I’ve got 100 points left to earn. Lol.