Any word on

Kobe’s card?
With his Memorial on 2/24 coming up, do you think they’ll release a tribute (PD or Opal) that day?

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No official word on it. But if not 2/24 then who knows when.


Ronnie said on his stream that they are “working on it”. Which could mean anything basically.


If it’s not on 2/24, 2k headquarters getting set on fire. :fire:

At least he acknowledged it, not that it means anything coming from him lol

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I heard it’s going to be released 8/24. August going to be lit!!!


I knew this was gonna be about the Kobe card.


What about now? Any word yet?

Truly pathetic company

It’s a legal issue. Probably not in 2K’s control. Some of the comments you guys leave about Kobe are straight ignorant.


A legal issue to fix a glitched card?

Like they could just code a new one but is giving 4 more contracts too much?

It was never even a released card. Do you understand that?

& Yes, I assume the legal grounds for including Kobe are complicated now that he passed away.

Why would it be complicated they already have his rights this year

What I really wanna know is why are dame 3 still diamonds we got the dame 6’s :joy:. 2k :wastebasket:

They didn’t officially release the card, but it has still been created, programmed, entered on the back end, the locker code exists…it will be released eventually.

There is no issue here other than when 2K decide to make it happen.

No legal issue, no ignorance, just a little bit of impatience.


Sam Jones had the original Kawhi shot. Never knew

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Except they may have done all that and then not gotten clearance from HR or legal. No one really knows.

How can you say confidently what it is and isn’t?

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Go and type in a locker code ‘23Lebron’ and see what comes up…nothing, the locker code is invalid or some bullshit.

They pre-loaded this into the system awaiting release, someone just guessed it and spread the word before they were ready to fully release it.

Don’t belittle people and call them ignorant and make out like you know of some legal implications, when you are just speculating all the same

Did you try 23lebron6?

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