Any watch kingdom?

Has anyone watched this series on net flix???

I get bored of zombie themed series… but damn this is my favorite zombie series I have ever watched

I believe it’s 16 century Korea and there is a zombie out break

Fantastic series!


Fucking banger. Came for the zombies, stayed for the plot. The struggle for power in the series is intense. Already excited for the 3rd season even though it will be awhile before they drop it lol

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Love this show. Cant wait for the next season. S koreans can be really gory and weird sometimes and it’s just what I need in a movie or Tv series

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Hell yes and being based in Korea is so freaking awesome

Crazy how something like this could over take a country with out all of our modern ways to communicate

Want this scene for a tattoo so bad

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Isn’t Train to Busan also a South Korean movie? Those people know how to make zombie TV

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Yes! And The Wailing is one of my favourites.

Bedevilled is also good and messed up. Nice revenge film in an island

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Of topic …

Bro I’ve seen some of your posts you have some bad ass ink!!!


I’ve only heard good things about this show. Bout to watch :smiley:

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Thanks. Long way to get it done.

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