Any theme teams out there?

Hey guys. At times when I play Domination I enjoy playing with a theme team rather than just my best players or what I need XP for. My Jazz team is below (the Niang is evo’d). Obviously I would love to have Stockton or Deron but those will take a long time to save up for. I bought the Karl Malone with HoF rebound chaser which is awesome since he normally just has it on bronze:

What theme teams do you guys have going on out there?


Sixers squad lives anew!!!


Good stuff! I love running theme teams, it’s still early for a lot of mine, but Kobe & Shaq has been fun in the Spotlights. I still run Emerald Ja just to run PnR with that Ruby JJ haha. Plus old school Laker teams (Worthy, Cooper, Scott, etc)


I’m a Jazz fan, and I’m thinking in making a Stockton/Mitchell/Hayward/Kirilenko/Gobert team.


2k needs to implement theme team bonuses like in madden. Makes it a lot more interesting and fun to encounter theme teams.


Yeah I have two seperate Raptors line ups. One which is basically the “current” group (give or take) who play in the modern arena with recent uniforms and a other retro raptors which is full of an all time raptors type line up and they play in the retro Dino uniforms and on the old floor.

I also have an all Australian line up though it is padded out with a few Americans that have played in the Australian league and a few “kind of” Aussies (ahem… Kyrie)


Been saying that for years. Makes theme teams more viable, leads to more lineup variations.


Got my main team and then this team I use when I’m bored and wanna have some fun will be using it for Dom when they get released


Messing around with an older lakers theme. From the 1960s to the early 2000s


All time teams are BARELY theme teams.

Anyone got an actual theme team? Like all tattoos squad?

Probably blasphemous to be missing some key guys on this OKC/SEA squad, but I hate that Westbrook card and Harden’s PD is still like a billion MT.


lol whats wrong with the Westbrook card? and why not use the ruby OKC Harden or the amethyst Houston Harden?


With fox I can almost put together team Canada again. Got a badged up Nash and Wiggins ready to go. Just need some supporting cast.


Rubio-D’alo-Anthony.G-Love-Towns . D’lo with unstoppable mid n still wait diamond

barely? the greatest players from an organization put together is not a theme? is it a theme?

He just can’t shoot. Not a fan of his animations, no great HOF badges not a really good defender either. I may throw the current Harden and RWB at the end of the bench tho. forgot they had a duo

Here’s my latest team. This is if I’m playing a normal game where I sub people in and out. If it’s going to be a sweaty game where I only use five players, Donovan Mitchell becomes my SG (that card is sooo good), AK slides to SF and Karl becomes my PF. The way I have it set up now creates more balance though.

Obviously I would love to have the new AK but I think my next realistic goal is to acquire Gordon Hayward. I did enjoy Paul Millsap but those cold zones in the corner were killers.


65 Win Lakers Champs Squad. Only 2 Laker squads to “win 65 regular season games” and nba championships 1986 - 87 & 2008 - 09

missing Andrew Bynum


Past and Present Champs (2000 x 2020 Champs)

(yes again i know Horry is in the spurs jersey cant do nothing about it :disappointed:)

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Clippers (Missing Ruby Deandre, still a bid)

LakeShow (Wish I could grab that wilt but it’s like 10M MT on PC for that set lmao)

Miami Heat