Any suggestions with all the new cards out

This is my current lineup. I also have PD Ayton KADm and vince carter im not even using. Any suggestions on new cards i should work towards. Even jaren jackson looks pretty good

Cousins at PF ayton at C

Lonzo got PD again? That’s hilarious :joy: And Granny Danger got a new card too? I almost regret I sold all my coins

What’s your goal? Looking for fun new cards, looking for a card challenging to acquire like Simmons, looking to go 12-0?

PD Lonzo is really good and unrealistic :rofl:


Also I forgot how cheap the cards are this time of the year. Gonna get Lonzo and Ayton and new Grant Hill

Yeah finally was able to let go of payton after trying lonzo for a few games. He (lonzo) can get bullied down in the post though

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Do you think lonzo is worh replacing my backup magic ? Also out of all my cards is ayton or jaron jackson worth using.

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Is simmons really needed with the cards i currently have, I just want cards that compete against super stacked teams cause on pc people have much better cards than me. So i wanna if any of the new cards are worth getting to replace my current lineup

they are both really cheap, u dont need much mt. probably less than 100k for both

Ur squad is loaded. If it was me id hold onto my mt for later. Theres some heat coming. This is just the beggining. :fire: