Any recommended Amethysts so far

Any must haves in your opinion , token market or auction house that’s even worth a buy ?

I’m closing in on 200k my and half way to my first amy reward , any cards that would drastically help me in all time dom?


Michael Redd.
Brian Winters.
DeAndre Jordan.


I was going to pick deandre first since shooting sucks he would be under the rim for everyone that has to slash all game

Redds defense is not horrible?

And is giannis anywhere near what he used to be last year? CPU under the rim defense is pretty much 100% and if giannis can’t shoot then idk about 80k

Deandre is a beast. Redd the best shooter right now. If you’re running zones. Bill Russell is a beast. Grabs boards and can defend anyone.
DJ had 17 boards in a game last night


I had some extremely nice pack luck with my preorder VC and pulled Giannis & Melo. Melo is very nice at the 3&4, and is my second leading rebounder, believe it or not. Giannis is fucking awesome at the 4, and just dribbles around everybody to the rim.

I picked up AD & KD from the AH last night, and they’re both nice AF.

is melo 90k good though

I tried out Melo and didn’t like him that much tbh don’t get me wrong he’s a good shooter, but idk, I feel like it just wasn’t worth it and was expecting more


No card on the AH is actually 90k good right now, in my opinion lol. He’s probably the best wing in the game (for now), but we’re just a few days in the cycle. I’d pass if you’re not a whale.

The 59k I paid for AD for might be worth it though. He probably impacts the entire game more than Melo, and for a lot less MT. Ruby Eddie Jones is not a whole lot worse than Melo or KD, in full transparency.


Yeah this right here, i was hyped after saving up for KD but after i looked at the stats the 2k20 amys arent worth it apart from AD. Who ive sold back atm since I got bob.The funniest thing is im 4 amys in and im only running redd in all time. To me running more than 1 made the games way harder. See if its the same for you guys

I got deandre , he’s a beast , cpu doesn’t stand a chance so far lol

Any one try guerin yet?

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Been thinking of getting Deandre next to replace Dawkins. Probably gonna miss having Dawkins midrange. What’s deandres offence like?

You shoot a lot with Dawkins? I didn’t really , my play style is driving, either way goodbye Dawkins

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Not even close. Melo is bad dude and it hurts me to say that. Had to sell him back after first week of trying to pretend he was good. Couldn’t justify anymore with how expensive he is

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Anybody seen a good animations video (dribbling and moving jumper) for Amethyst Michael Redd?

The only one up right now on YouTube just shows his regular jump shot and nothing else.

Battier has been good for me, at least for doing what he’s made for; 3 and D. Hoping to maybe try-out Gay once I get the Tokens.

Melo is bad? Who is good so far for you

Same jumper as always. Beautiful too. Best shooter in the game right now.

Michael Redd has Flexible Release aka the most OP shooting badge in the game and his jumper is always silk. He’s definitely gonna be my first choice.

i bet magic johnson is OP. I use ben simmons a lot, and it’s nice having a fast playmaker to run the floor with.
Brian winters looks like the best shooter, I’ve heard he has a nice realease.

Thurl bailey and reggie theus are loaded up with badges, don’t let their stats fool you. I’m sure they’re op, just no-one putting out any gameplays right now, so we are all shooting blind.

I’m trying to get to the amy board, I just picked up tom chambers and quentin richards off ruby board and they are both nice, but Q is just nasty from deep. I’m walking across half court pulling like crazy from limitless with him in Triple threat right now and he is greening like 50% of the time.