Any recommend any more weeknd songs?

I like

Coming out strong
The reminder

Any other songs like those. Some of Juan other songs are too poppy for me

You like his newer stuff.

Tell Your Friends
Wasted Times
Try Me
Low Life

House Of Balloons
Echoes Of Silence

Still his best projects


The Party/The After Party
House OF Balloons/Glass Table Girls.
I only like the first half of each song

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Drake- Crew Love ft the weeknd

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I don’t like any of those unfortunately.

Low Life I forgot to add I always listen to that

Any more haha?

that song about touching each others bodies

I gotchu touching on your boddyyyy

This whole thing got me thru some shit

Other weekend songs that are good:

Tell Your Friends
Low Life

Thanks for the suggestions

I used to like Gifted with French Montana a while back. It’s the only song by the weeknd that I can remember.

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