Any pro photographers on the site?

Anyone any good with cameras, equipment and what to upgrade to get better images?

I don’t know much. However, I do know that it’s important to know what your subjects are to recommend a camera. Also if you shoot a lot at night or evening or with bad lighting in general.


Lumix Fz1000. Everything in one cam for a good price and high end photos/ videos, filters, super zoom and amazing presets and all you need.

I recommended the cam to a lot of guys and all are happy with it.

I dont own a studio but I still rock my 5d classic and my designer background makes me a god in photoshop. 5d classic is bulky and heavy but still outshines some of the newer slrs. Panasonic, leica, canon, nikon, sony or even pentax are all good because of the recent tech, frames and sensor.

Practice manual shooting, it will set your photos apart

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The can and some usual photo stuff made with the lumix.


You’re careful with your contrast and shadows. Love the photos :100:

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I remember my first nikon, a present.
I wanted to cry because i couldn’t record a sharp pic :joy: Manual photography is the most exciting and gives the best results.
Rn i shoot in raw and do everything photoshop and cam raw.

In the end you can shoot amazing pics with an iphone 8plus. The technique gives the good results - some basic youtube turtorials will help you.

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:joy::joy: mine was the canon t1i in maybe 09, didnt like its noise capabilities sold it on ebay the next week, got a 40d a time later. Sold that one too, and then got the 5d classic and stayed with it. Its battery handling is messed up but it takes great photos and full frame sensor.

True man digital phones take amazing photos now, i take most of mine with my iphone X. It’s not as flashy as the ones taken with slr but good enough for social media

This is some taken with the iphone and I have on my phone rn


Gasol, Lin and co on same bus