Any playoff LeBron Reviews

so I sold Kawhi and made 550k off of him even without a shoe. I’m stuck between the 96 Durant and the 97 LeBron. LeBron is cheaper so I’m leaving towards him. has anyone used him if so how good is He?

Whatever you do get a 97 LeBron with a red Kyrie or the +9 SWB, +9 Open 3 shoe. AS or Playoff version.

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What’s the cost. I see the non shoe LeBron is around 160k

Playoff LeBron looks like 260K I think, AS LeBron with the shoe though you could probably get for about 190-200K.

I tried him out but sold him after I found out the duo with Wade is broken. It shows 95 OVR for Wade imin the lineup screen and he gets a ton of attribute boosts, but in-game he only goes up to 93. Not sure if the 95 or the 93 is the glitch, but I wasn’t going to trust 2K to patch it any time soon so I sold them off.

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Go all star MVP with shoe

honestly I forgot about the duo. I pulled him on Friday and he’s just been sitting in my collection . well see if he’s still hitched. I ended up getting the playoffs LeBron for 178k. the other 97 was more.

Stats and the overalls won’t show there. To see that the duo does work, go to the substitution screen and press Y or Triangle (depending on your console). This should show the ratings with the boosts. Do not view the ratings in the player/card itself — you need to view them in the substitution menu successfully.

awesome thanks for letting me know. I’ll check in a few. he only shows up as a Amy on the court don’t know if that matters.

Duo cards are always shown as their original tier on court. If you have 2 emeralds with a duo activated and they should go up to sapphire, then on court the card’s colour is still emerald.

Wade and Bron duo is amazing. Wade looks pretty sick. I’m grabed d-wade with diamond ua shoes and his 3 pointing rating boosted to 96 open shot 3, contested to 89 and off drible to 84. Also boosted speed with the ball to 99. In my opinion he is incredible.