Any PC Experts tell me the best value in this list?

75$ for windows??? You can get a key off eBay for like 5 bucks lol

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I wouldn’t get any of those. They sell old hardware and make it look good. For example, the i5 3470 was released back in 2012 I believe. Like come on, who does that shit? Why would you combine a fairly decent graphics card with a $10 CPU?? It’s better to just pick parts by yourself and then have sbdy put it all together for you. PM me if you want any help with all that


yea OP just install windows using by downloading the windows 10 boot image from microsoft and buy a cheap key on ebay. i just did this a month ago

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actually @pancakes if you’re cool w/ an older CPU/Motherboard I just built a new PC and my older one is sitting in a closet.

i7 3770k
Radeon HD 7950

need to look up what the motherboard is

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What I did when I built mine a couple months back too

Dam, so these are all ripoffs then?

Yeah, no doubt about that