Any overlooked nba players

There are many players who don’t get enough credit when nba talks are going on but for me rondo on the Celtics he was so good but so underrated at the same time

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Orlando dwight…the disrespect this guy gets is unbelievable


Orlando Howard
Kevin Johnson
Alex English
Chris Mullin
Mark Price
Khris Middleton
Bob Pettit
Dennis Johnson

The Howard disrespect is one of the stupidest thing nobody ever looks at him like the great player he was


People forget how Dwight carried Orlando to contention despite of management not being content of their supporting cast.

If they just held that core together with Hedo the would for sure go back to back finals appearance.

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WE were gs before gs
reddick turko rashard Meer Anderson Q rich J rich VC boy we had so many weapons
Brandon bass gortat


Not to mention the disrespect from 2k also… last year he only had a pink diamond and this year not an auctionable dwight, sad man

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Thank god Steve Clifford is basically doing the same thing but making it more modern.

DJ - Jameer
Evan - Lee
Ross - Redick
Isaac - Rashard
Gordon - Hedo
Vooch - Modern Dwight
Birch - Gortat
Fultz - Skip to my Lou

I was actually thinking Hondo

Go-to pro ref and hit the playoffs per game tab it’s gg

Another guy that doesn’t get much credit is bosh when actually big men existed that were not all meant to shoot 3s, at the time when kevin love and bosh were one of the few star big men who could shoot


For me I think Penny Hardaway has been kind of underated. Theres a reason MJ dubbed him to be the dude to take over the league after him. Also, him and shaqs Magic were the only team between 91-98 to eliminate an MJ led Bulls. Wish the heat would of signed him during the superteam era. At least to help the dude a ring. Probably wont happen but Id like to see him in the hall of fame. Him and Shaq where in their early 20s when they made the finals. Earlier than MJ and Bron.

Pau Gasol and Bosh in the same breath

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Another dude way back when that I used to love to watch was Kenny Anderson. Another underated guard.

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Shawn Marion was the missing piece to the Mavs ship

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Im gonna say Al Jefferson. Dude was a beast for 5-6 seasons and retired like he didn’t even existed.

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Latrell Spreeeewell

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Mehmet Okur

Isiah Thomas and Dominique Wilkins overlooked for the Dream Team

Jason “Ima Real Crip” Terry

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