Any one diamond Marques Johnson?

I’m looking for a starting SF. Currently have diamond IGGY playing SF but going to sell him and have around 400k in hopes DR J comes out next round. Anyone still use him and is he a nice defending slasher?

Can’t reccomend the diamond as I’m on the Amy board but the ruby from locker code is a stud

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He is pretty nice tho his player model is annoying to look at

Who is on your team so we would know what you are working with?

He’s literally Dominique Wilkins and plays like his pink diamond from 2k18. All comes down to whether you like that release, which definitely isn’t for everyone but feels a lot better this year IMO.

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Starting: manu, Diamond Klay, Diamond iggy, PD issel, Diamond AD

Maybe Melo?

Already have melo off my bench

I honestly don’t even use him cause of his player model. I hate that they never fixed it.

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whats wrong with his player model?

It’s not just the player model. He IS a diamond Dominique Wilkins, not Marques Johnson.

He’s not Marques Johnson. He has Dominique Wilkins player model. His Ruby though has the correct player model but they never updated his Diamond.

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Yeah I don’t like using him for the same reason as everyone else. The ruby is fun. If the diamond was a boosted version of that I’d be pretty happy, or I’d even be okay if they just changed it to a nique card. At least it’d be correct

If you love nique though you’ll love this card. A slashing sf with huge dunks

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